The TechExpert company has several successfully implemented ITSM process automation projects based on GLPI software, within the framework of these projects we have developed and successfully implemented ready-made modules:

ITRM (IT Risk Manager) – automation of information security risk management

This plugin is designed to assess and manage information security risks in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of international standards:

  • Centralized storage of information on all objects of risk assessment
  • Centralized storage of information on existing IS vulnerabilities, probable threats and risks associated with the implementation of threats
  • Carrying out a risk assessment for each information asset in accordance with international standards
  • Development of a risk management plan and assignment of tasks to executors for its implementation
  • Delineation of user access rights to information in the system according to the role model
  • Possibility of simultaneous work of users during risk assessment
  • Sending messages to the owners of information assets about making changes to the assessment
  • Ability to view all actions on system objects
  • Creation of reports with information on risk assessment, as well as a risk management plan with the possibility of uploading to Excel



Work with business processes

The "Processes" plugin expands the possibilities for configuring business processes for processing requests in GLPI, allowing you to automate processes that involve dividing work into stages with different groups of executors, that is, branching and parallel processing of tasks.

  • Creation of pre-configured process templates
  • Starting the process according to the selected template
  • Creation of parallel and consecutive applications within the framework of the process
  • Dynamic entry of information into applications at various stages of the process
  • Notification of process participants about the progress of its implementation



Additional fields

This module allows you to create unique application forms for different categories, configure the rules for their dynamic display, and adapt GLPI to automate more of the company's business processes. Functionality of the plug-in allows:

  • Create additional fields with different types (Information block, Text field, List, One from the list, Several from the list, Date, Number, File)
  • Add additional fields to the application form linked to the application category
  • Dynamically display or hide fields, depending on the values specified in other application fields
  • Configure mandatory fields when creating an application, as well as when closing it



Asterisk Connector GLPi integration module with IP telephony

The GLPi integration module with the IP telephony system is implemented as a plug-in to the GLPi system and allows for automatic registration of requests based on incoming calls to the support service, as well as recording all user calls to the technical support service.

  • Linking several calls to one call
  • Identification of incoming calls at the time of the call (before the operator picks up the phone)
  • Call status indication (ongoing conversation, incoming call, missed call, received call)
  • Processing of calls received by a group of specialists
  • Initiating an outgoing call

For the plug-in to work correctly, it is necessary to have GLPi version no lower than 0.90.



Work with applications

By installing this module in your GLPi system, you get additional, more advanced functionality of Application Management: counters and tracking of the "life cycle" of applications for more efficient work and increased productivity of incident processing.

Counter of the number of application returns

Counter of the number of returns of the application for revision (transitions from the statuses Resolved/Closed to other statuses).


Automatic transition of the application to the status "Waiting" upon agreement

If the approval process is started, the application status changes to "Pending". If the approval process ended with a positive result – the application is returned to the status it had before approval began. If the process ended with a negative result – the application changes to the Closed status.


Highlighting applications in the magazine

The possibility of highlighting applications in the magazine according to a certain criterion.


Service catalog

Directory "Service Catalog" with reference to categories of applications and display of the service in the application.



This plugin will allow you to expand the functionality of standard reports. Manage reports on KPIs, evaluate the work of employees and save it in the history, and most importantly - the new function of downloading reports in .xls format, which allows you to visualize work efficiency in a convenient format.

Uploading applications to Excel

Downloading applications from the magazine to an Excel table (xlsx file)


KPI report 

Adding KPI score report: number of cases resolved/closed, number of returns, average satisfaction score, mentor score, rating manager Points are calculated from the indicators, the maximum – 100 points.


Rating Manager/Mentor

Addition of "Supervisor rating" and "Mentor rating" options to the user card with recording of ratings in the history.


Work with notifications

The functional features of this plugin allow you to add a number of variables to your GLPi system for message management. Scheduling, sending, receiving feedback will become more efficient with this plugin.

Earlier/Later in messages

Adding a variable that shows how much time before or after the scheduled deadline the request was resolved + color indication.


E-mail satisfaction ratings

The possibility for the user to give an assessment of satisfaction with the application decision from a message to the mail, without logging into the system.

Rate + comment.


Files in messages

Added an option to notification templates that allows you to enable/disable sending attachments at the notification template level.


Implementation of additional features and expansion of functionality

In the event that the Customer has wishes regarding the implementation of additional functionality or the expansion of the existing one, in particular integration with other telephony systems or external systems, as well as expansion within the framework of the use of the plug-in, our specialists will recommend the most optimal way of implementation, and will also help put ideas into practice.