Our company offers solutions that provide maximum availability and performance, effective management, flexibility and security of wireless networks for enterprises of any size — from small offices to large enterprises. Wide functionality will help meet the needs of all categories of enterprises — from office centers to warehouse complexes. Mobile solutions based on HPE hardware can be deployed as part of a single wired and wireless network infrastructure, helping to reduce operational costs and provide the best user experience.

With the help of one controller, you can manage hundreds of access points located outside your local network and instantly receive information about their status. The use of additional software - Aruba AirWave - will greatly simplify many tasks related to the protection and management of a wireless network, organizing guest access, checking devices for compliance with security policies, and much more. The functions of seamless roaming will ensure the continuity of voice and video communication when the client moves from the coverage area of one access point to another. Adaptive Radio Management technology will allow dynamic management of radiation power, channels and other radio frequency characteristics of access points — which will allow you to get the most stable, productive and fault-tolerant wireless system.

The benefits of the decision that the business receives

TechExpert's solution for deploying a wireless network based on Hewlett-Packard Enterprise equipment provides the following tasks

  • Mobility and convenience when working in the network
  • Seamless roaming within the entire organization (wi-fi phones, barcode scanners)
  • High reliability, security and performance of the wireless network
  • Ability for employees to use their personal devices at work (BYOD)
  • Providing guest access
  • Portal and web authentication of users, the possibility of integration with Active Directory, databases, CRM systems, etc.
  • Providing access to network resources in places where the laying of cable networks is difficult or economically impractical
  • Construction of wireless bridges in situations where it is impossible to lay a cable connection
  • Construction of wireless intrusion prevention systems
  • Centralized management of a large number of access points from one interface
  • Building geographically distributed wireless networks, with a large number of remote offices

HPE products used

To build Wi-Fi networks, TechExpert uses Hewlett-Packard Enterprise products under the Aruba brand, which support the IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ad/ax standards and comply with the PCI-DSS* standard.

Building Wi-Fi based on HPE Networking hardware consists of the following main components

  • Aruba wireless access points of 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax standards
  • Aruba wireless access point controllers (the use of a controller helps effectively solve the task of building a Wi-Fi network of any scale)
  • All settings and monitoring are performed centrally on the controller and are automatically applied to the access points

Additional software

  • Aruba AirWave enables centralized monitoring and management of the entire wireless infrastructure. In addition, the Aruba AirWave software also supports the ability to manage equipment from other vendors
  • Aruba AirWave provides a comprehensive approach to radio frequency planning and visualization of radio frequency coverage, accounting for possible interference, radio noise, data transfer rates, overlap of signal zones from different access points, allows modeling of buildings with a large number of floors and much more
  • With the help of additional software Aruba ClearPass, it is possible to effectively solve the issues of portal organization, web-authentication for users, application of complex security policies on the basis of both user data and device type, operating system, etc.
  • Aruba ClearPass software allows you to organize a centralized system for managing access, policies and roles for users, checking the compatibility of connecting devices with security policies, and also allows guest connection to the Wi-Fi network by non-technical specialists and does not require special knowledge

Scheme of the solution

Terms of project implementation

The approximate duration of the project is 0.5-1.5 months.

Examples of projects we have implemented

The "Grand Prix" fitness club is a leader in the fitness industry segment. Combines excellent service with advanced training methods and good equipment. The main activities of the "Grand-Prix" fitness club are yoga and pilates, functional training, dancing, recovery, strength classes, aerobics, aqua aerobics, martial arts, cycling. Also, the sports club has a swimming pool and tennis courts. In addition, the club has a beauty salon. The task of the project was to increase productivity and fault tolerance, improve the quality of service for wireless network clients. For this, after conducting radio planning, a wireless network was organized based on Aruba Networks (Hewlett-Packard Enterprise) network equipment, consisting of Aruba 205 Instant AP access points and HRE switching equipment.

A project to build a corporate data transmission network in a 7-story building. The core network was built using HP 5406zl modular switches in the network core and HP 2920 stack switches as access switches. The wireless network was built on the basis of a fault-tolerant cluster of controllers from the Unified Wired-Wlan line - HP UWW 830 24-Port. HP MSM 460 dual-band access points were used to connect clients, and HP MSM 466 access points with external antennas were used to cover external terraces. The new Unified Wired-Wlan line also includes a so-called "Mobility" license, the use of which allows to carry out seamless roaming of 802.1X clients, allowing to achieve maximum security when working in a wireless network and at the same time preserve the mobility of users.

The modern design hotel 11 Mirrors is located in the center of Kyiv, 500 meters from the "Teatralna" and "Zoloti Vorota" metro stations. It offers free Wi-Fi and a restaurant serving European cuisine. The project for the construction of a data transmission network for an 11-story hotel in the center of Kyiv included the construction of wired and wireless networks, as well as an IP telephony network based on Asterisk. The wireless network was built using Hewlett-Packard equipment, in particular the HP MSM 760 Access Controller and HP MSM 410 access points. The maximum stability of operation was achieved, as well as the ease of network management and equipment operation control.

The company Winner Imports Ukraine is the official importer of Ford, Volvo, Jaguar, Porsche, Land Rover in Ukraine. Wi-Fi coverage of the office building and production areas has been completed. HP 5400zl switch chassis installed 2 HP Wireless Services Edge zl controllers in a fault-tolerant stack. 24 wireless HP 230 RP points were located inside the production premises. In addition, the area of the adjacent parking lot with an area of more than 2 hectares has been covered with a Wi-Fi network. For this purpose, the HP MSM710 Mobility Controller was additionally installed. 4 HP MSM320-R wireless access points for outdoor use, creating a radio bridge between them, were used to cover the parking area with a Wi-Fi network.