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Our Training Center provides integrated technical trainings since 1997. We are authorized partners of the top technology vendors and deliver the most relevant and intuitive computer courses and certifications on Microsoft, Cisco® Systems, Linux/FreeBSD, Xen, Asterisk, VMWare and ITIL products and services.

We work with you to understand your unique needs and develop a solution that's right for you. Selecting the right training program is the first step to reaching, or even exceeding, your goals. We offer you knowledge and skills that will further work for your business and improve your personal professional qualities.

In order for you to master technology and make it productive, we deliver courses in the classroom, virtual classroom, on-site training and instructor outstaffing (see Delivery Methods below) as well as customized courses for your organizations’ specific needs. We can also develop a thorough and customizable instructional program to help you and your employees work faster and smarter.

We offer different delivery methods for different groups and needs but the best and the finest educational programs are our Travel Package Tours — "Travel&Learn" courses in Kyiv with living, learning, excursions and certification exams on your chosen course.

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