About the Educational Center

Educational center «Network Technologies» on the basis of TechExpert has been conducting integrated technical trainings since 1997. We are authorized partners of leading technology providers and offer the most relevant and popular computer courses and certificates for Microsoft, Cisco® Systems, Linux / FreeBSD, Xen, Asterisk, VMWare and ITIL products, as well as services: assessment of the level of training of employees, post-training support , a slice of knowledge after the courses.

Microsoft courses

Authorized Microsoft courses are among the popular areas. Our Learning Center regularly updates all course programs, so you can confidently choose the course that interests you and we guarantee that it will be from the most up-to-date version of software products and technologies. We read both technical trainings for engineers, system administrators and IT security specialists, as well as user trainings on the most popular office programs.

Courses for IT specialists

The main courses in our training center are undeniably courses for IT specialists. Courses for IT managers on building and managing IT teams deserve special attention. We offer a number of courses on ITIL, COBIT, among the courses it is also worth noting the author's course on GDPR.

Business trainings

The direction of business trainings is rapidly gaining momentum and becoming more popular. EC «Network Technologies» offers its listeners the most top and trending topics: project management, investments and personnel, Agile methodology, software licensing and others.

Courses for programmers

Educational Center «Network Technologies» is constantly expanding its courses in programming languages and technologies. We offer our customers courses of various levels of difficulty: both basic and advanced users. Popular courses include Python, Java, JavaScript, programming and web development courses.

If you are not sure which program is right for you or your company's employees, contact the managers of the Training Center. They will not only select a program that will meet the needs of you and your company, but will also select a convenient date and training format. To help you master technology and make it productive, we offer in-class, virtual classroom, on-site training and instructor outstaffing courses, as well as customized courses tailored to the specific needs of your organization. We can also develop a detailed and customized training program to help you and your employees work faster and more efficiently.

EC «Network Technologies» offers different learning options for different groups and needs. First of all, you can enroll in the nearest available author or authorized courses. We can also design or adapt a course to your specific needs and schedule it in our classroom or yours. In addition, there is individual training and a special format of field courses with organized rest between sessions.

Options for learning

1. In our Education Center

Our experienced instructors, premium content and hands-on labs provide an excellent learning environment. In our Learning Center you will find a comfortable and ready-to-learn atmosphere, where you can receive expert instruction, connect with other trainees and acquire real-world skills. As soon as you or your team members return to work, you can apply the knowledge and practical skills you've learned.

So, if you want to move up the career ladder or start your career from scratch, or you are a manager looking to benefit from new technologies, you can find the right course with us!


  • Learn in a comfortable, ready-to-learn atmosphere
  • Get study materials and guides
  • Communicate face-to-face with experienced instructors
  • Rate the convenience of your personal account and electronic certificate
  • Use the most modern equipment
  • Get relevant hands-on lab work

2. In your office

On-site training – is a flexible and cost-effective training method that allows you to train as many employees as you need, when and where you want. Regardless of the format: remotely or face-to-face at your office, your team will receive qualified advice, a detailed training plan, a program and laboratories adapted to your specific needs.

For your institution, we can slightly modify or completely redesign any of our Information Technology and Management courses for your learning needs. They are designed to achieve your most important goals and deliver immediate results. The more employees, the more cost-effective the training will be, you save on travel for employees, while providing staff training with a minimum separation from their immediate duties.


  • No additional costs of time and money
  • Convenience and privacy
  • Real training and solutions tailored for your business
  • Flexible course planning
  • Individual training program
  • Significantly reduced costs thanks to the training of large or small groups of employees
  • Relevant practical exercises and course materials

3. Virtual class

Regardless of your location, you can get high-quality instructor-led training over the Internet, thanks to the combination of excellent online technology and our experienced teachers, content and hands-on labs.

Get the skills you need and benefit from real-time learning and interaction with a live, experienced instructor with this flexible and cost-effective way to learn. Distance education is no different from the standard education format: the same teacher, materials, certificate.


  • No additional costs of time and money
  • Get live access to hands-on activities and skills development exercises
  • Learn from industry-leading instructors, premium content, and real-world practice
  • Use the best products and technologies

Study in the comfort of your home, office or anywhere else with internet access.

4. Outstaffing of instructors and private training

If you have all the necessary training materials, practical sessions, learning environment and you need an experienced highly qualified professional to mentor your employees or clients, we can offer you our leading instructors. Our staff not only teaches best practices, industry trends and advanced solutions, but also shares their practical knowledge of the latest technologies and skills of today.


  • As long as you have a classroom, equipment and access to all the necessary course materials, you only pay for our instructor
  • We offer highly qualified instructors who meet modern requirements
  • Get any of our authorized courses in Information Technology and Management
  • The price is fixed and does not depend on the number of participants or the location of the course

Certification and exams

Each expert can take the exam at the Pearson VUE and Certiport test centers operating on the basis of EC «Network Technologies».

Microsoft IT specialistsMicrosoft Office Specialists
  • Role-based certifications
  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

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  • MOS: Microsoft Word
  • MOS: Microsoft Excel
  • MOS: Microsoft PowerPoint
  • MOS: Microsoft Access
  • MOS: Microsoft Outlook

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PMI Certification
IPMA Certification
GMAT Certification