Linux is a family of operating systems built on the principles of Open Source and the GNU GPL license. Linux is a modern, safe, reliable, rapidly developing system. The internal architecture of these operating systems provides a wide range of tools for their administration and configuration. And most importantly, Linux is practically not susceptible to virus attacks.

Advantages of using Linux systems

  • Low total cost of ownership due to savings on the cost of licenses
  • The openness of the code, which allows the system to be adapted to specific tasks
  • High fault tolerance and security of solutions built on the platform
  • Possibility of integration with Windows platforms, systems and services
  • Low requirements for hardware resources

Systems and services that we service

  • Databases
  • Websites (web servers)
  • Portals
  • Postal systems
  • Telephony based on Asterisk
  • Business systems

Our services

Migration of servers to the Linux OS from other operating systems
  • Creation of a backup copy (backup) for quick recovery in the event of a failure
  • Migration of applications and services to the Linux OS
Rent of virtual servers on the Linux OS
  • Installation of the operating system and updated
  • Setting up the internal environment and system services
Hosting of server applications on the Linux OS
  • Installation and configuration of software
  • Implementation of application complexes and tasks: mail systems, network services, security systems and Internet access control
Solutions for highly loaded projects running the Linux OS
  • Vertical and horizontal project scaling
  • Organization of "load balancing" and backup
Installing the Zabbix Monitoring and Alerting System
  • Installing and configuring the Zabbix server and client applications
  • Collection and analysis of hardware and software performance statistics
  • Configuring Alert and Response Policies
  • Configuring service and operating system error monitoring
  • Support for Zabbix monitoring and alerting system
Installing the LAMP/LNMP Application Stack (Linux-Apache/Nginx-MySQL-PHP)
  • Installing the Stack Software Components
  • Update and maintain the LAMP/LNMP application stack
  • Software customization for clients
  • Performance tuning and monitoring
Hosting of database management systems (MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB)
  • Installing and configuring database servers
  • Monitoring and support of database management systems
  • Setting up replication
  • Optimizing the DBMS configuration for better performance
Security and routing management based on Linux OS
  • Setting up network services - firewall, VPN, etc.
  • Detect unauthorized access and suspicious network activity
  • Installing and configuring anti-virus software on the server
  • Organizing the collection and analysis of server access statistics