Server rental from TechExpert is the best solution for your business!

Does your business need reliable data storage and processing? Do you want to reduce the costs of buying and maintaining your own server equipment? TechExpert has its own private cloud and cooperates with professional data centers, which allows us to offer virtual and physical server rental services that meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Renting a virtual server

We will help you choose the optimal VPS/VDS configuration for your IT services, systems and tasks.

Renting a physical server

In addition to virtual servers, we offer physical dedicated servers for rent.

Renting a virtual server

We offer rental of virtual servers both in Ukraine and in Europe. You can choose one of the template configurations, or we will help you choose the optimal VPS/VDS configuration for your IT services, systems and tasks.

You can also rent several servers, or even an entire virtual infrastructure!

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What services should be placed on a cloud server?

  • Active Directory directory service
  • Corporate mail system
  • Accounting programs (1C, Medoc, client-bank) and ERP systems
  • Databases of any size
  • File systems for data storage
  • Terminal solutions
  • Corporate portal
  • IP telephony
  • Specific applications for different tasks

In addition to renting virtual servers, we offer additional server maintenance and support services, including monitoring, backup, data protection, and 24/7 technical support.

Advantages of renting virtual servers from TechExpert

  • Cost optimization (CAPEX → OPEX) and favorable conditions
  • The possibility of full or partial transfer of IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud
  • Customization flexibility and ease of scaling
  • Guarantee of high availability of services - SLA 99%
  • Protection of information from data loss
  • Modern reliability and fault tolerance

We provide not just virtual hosting — we offer a reliable cloud business solution! Find out what the difference is by reading our article «What is hosting and what is it like».

Renting a physical server

In addition to virtual servers, we offer physical dedicated servers for rent.

Advantages of renting dedicated servers from TechExpert

  • Cost savings. Renting servers allows you to reduce the costs of purchasing and maintaining your own equipment, as well as paying for the work of specialists who are engaged in its maintenance.
  • Configuration flexibility. We offer a wide range of server configurations that can be customized to your needs, depending on the amount of data and the number of users.
  • Quick access to resources. Leased servers allow you to quickly access the necessary resources, which allows you to increase the productivity and efficiency of business operations.
  • Data security. Our server rooms are equipped with the most modern data protection systems, which guarantees their security and confidentiality.
What services should be placed on a dedicated (physical) server?
  • Construction of Microsoft, VMware, KVM virtualization systems
  • Mail servers
  • Backup servers
  • File servers
  • Servers for accounting programs
  • Database servers

Ordering a server rental from TechExpert is very simple: just contact our managers and describe your needs. We will offer the most optimal option for renting a server, which is suitable for your business.

Contact TechExpert — we will be happy to help you choose the best server rental option that meets your needs and budget.


Virtual server – it is a form of hosting where a user rents virtual space (dedicated virtual computing resources such as vCPU, RAM, SSD, HDD) in the form of a virtual machine on a physical server of a service provider. Renting a virtual server in Ukraine allows customers to get the flexibility and efficiency of hosting without the need to own physical equipment.

A dedicated (physical) server, on the other hand, is a physical hardware platform that is fully leased to a single customer, allowing them to fully control the hardware and settings.

A virtual server rental provides an isolated virtual environment on a physical server where each user has their own operating system and resources, but shares hardware resources with other virtual servers on the same physical server. On the other hand, a dedicated (physical) server provides the client with a complete physical machine without sharing resources with other users.

The choice between a dedicated and a virtual server depends on the needs and requirements of the project. Renting virtual infrastructure is ideal for businesses that need flexibility and cost-effectiveness at the same time, as virtual resources allow for quick and easy scaling of resources and settings. In addition, the control over the operation of the private cloud, where you rent a virtual server, rests entirely with the service provider.

On the other hand, a dedicated (physical) server is recommended for projects with a large volume of data, special requirements for security and high performance, as it provides full control over equipment and resources to the end customer.

VPS and VDS – these are both types of virtual servers. VPS is short for Virtual Private Server, and VDS – short for Virtual Dedicated Server, they use virtualization to split a physical server into multiple virtual servers. Each VPS or VDS has its own operating system and virtual dedicated resources. Essentially VPS rental and VDS rental – it's the same thing.