Colocation of virtual server in Ukraine and Europe

We offer leasing of virtual server both in Ukraine and in Europe.

Leasing of virtual server is the service that provides the customer with the capability to use an assigned virtual server of required configuration for . This is a cost-effective solution for accomplishment of a wide variety of tasks. It can also serve as an environment to fulfill IT projects, a type of the cloud model which is completely prepared for development and testing.

The solution can be used to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Application servers for a variety of tasks with the further scaling
  2. Mail servers and servers for unified communications
  3. Remote database servers
  4. Platform for testing and development
  5. Implementation of pilot solutions
  6. File storage servers

Virtual desktop

The DaaS service (Desktop-as-a-Service) is the integrated solution for building the infrastructure of virtual desktops. This solution allows you to establish remote virtual desktops for your company deployed centrally on the basis of a cloud server. You can rapidly deploy and get a workspace with necessary applications and get access to the working environment with all necessary applicationsand installed software remotely from anywhere in the world through local internet service provider. You are not tied to your computer while you can get access to your vitual desktop using any up-to-date devices - such as tablets, smartphones – with your data still secure.

DaaS provides reliability, security, mobility and privacy of information. Every day the virtual desktop creates the backup of all data as well as the virtual workplace has the most up-to-date and reliable encryption of connection that makes personal virtual desktop safe from break-ins and intrusions.

You won’t lose any of your data even if the device from which you get access is lost. While the storage of all data isn’t on the device, but in virtual desktop and the desktop itself is in cloud. This service allows you to save money on purchase of expensive licenses while all licensed software is available for leasing with monthly payments. There is significant reduction in costs on purchase and modernization. You can quickly increase the capacity of your virtual desktop even wtithout any reboot because a virtual workplace is rapidly modified to fit your needs.

Hosting of ERP and accounting systems

TechExpert offers services for setup of hosting of ERP and accounting systems.

Hosting of ERP and accounting systems is a kind of service that allows placing accounting and fiscal applications on reliable, fault-tolerant hardware. The customer gets a steady remote desktop with operating system and a set of licensed software with a comprehensive access through the Internet.

Hosting of ERP and accounting systems ensures the reliability of data storage and confidentiality. The customer has an access to the system from anywhere in the world with connection to the Internet. Allocation of ERP and accounting systems is possible both in Ukraine and in Europe.

Alternative to own IT-infrasturcture

TechExpert offers the services for setup of cloud IT-infrastructure.

Under cloud IT-infrastructure is considered the leasing of Microdoft-based business applications in a fault-tolerant virtual environment.

Cloud IT-infrastructure is also beneficial as a solution for Virtual backup data center. Cloud data center provides the most efficient disaster-safety of IT services from an economic point of view.

The solution can be used to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Building the infrastructure solely in the data center
  2. Migration of certain services to external cloud
  3. Building the geographically distributed solutions
  4. Scalability of applications at the expense of data center resources

Remote backup storage

TechExpert offers services for setup of remote backup storage.

“Cloud Storage” is a high-quality solution which allows to lease disk space for secure file storage and transfer files by getting remote access on cloud level through iSCSI protocol.

The solution can be used to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Backup storage
  2. FTP-server setup
  3. File storage

Corporate mail hosting

“Corporate mail’ from TechExpert is the service for setup of e-mail exchange system using Microsoft product - Exchange Server 2013.

The solution allows setup of the communication system based on Microsoft Exchange Server with minimal costs and using cutting-edge technologies. Within this service scope you get the effective tool for management of shared and personal schedule, tasks, assignments and contact lists.

The service provides you with ability to use all featues of enterprise Microsoft Office Outlook which is fully revealed only combined with Exchange Server. At the same time you are not accountable for deployment, implementation and administration of mail system in your IT-infrastructure.

Online communications

TechExpert is pleased to present the leasing of unified communications system based on Microsoft Lync Server 2013.

With soting in our cloud Microsoft Lync provides a stable secure communication between employees of your company wherever they are. It is an affordable and reliable tool for everyday communication which combines instant messaging, phone calls, audio conferencing and other collaboration tools while solely Internet connection is required fot its use. Leasing of solution allows to avoid purchase of server equipment and software licenses as well as allows to manage a number of users using the solution, avoiding overpay for unused resources. Our professionals will ensure the safety, availability and security of the solution.

Software and application leasing

TechExpert offers Microsoft software and applications for leasing according to SPLA license program:

  • Microsoft Project Server 2013
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
  • Microsoft Lync Server 2013
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2011
  • Microsoft Office 365

    TechExpert provides services for the implementation and maintenance of Office 365. Our consultants will consult you on which benefits your company will get from, help you choose the tariff plan and, if necessary, will analyze the feasability of the migration to Office 365. Our professionals will provide an easy migration to Office 365 and will set up their work in accordance with the business processes of your company.

    We offer:

  • Consulting on migration to Office 365 (infrastructure audit, feasibility analysis for migration to Office 365, arrangement of usage scenarios and infrastructure for the solution implementation).
  • Preparation works for migration of the customer’s data (transfer of accounts, mailboxes, data, tasks, address books, calendars, corporate portal data).
  • Adjustment, adaptation and integration of the Office 365 components according to the customer’s requirements (integration with Active Directory, setting videoconference of Lync Online, setting the business processes and structure of corporate portal based on SharePoint Online).
  • Maintenance and support (users training, solution administration, adjustment submission)
  • Additional hybrid scenarios (building the hybrid solutions using Office 365)
  • MS Sharepoint Enterprise Virtual Portal

  • This is an internal corporate website, available to all employees from anywhere in the world, the enterprise portal imposed "in the cloud" (in the provider’s data center).
  • Enterprise Virtual Portal is used for internal document management, collaboration software, reporting on the execution of tasks at the unit level and the organization in general.
  • Frequently the Enterprise Virtual Portal is also used as internal news site, and actively exchanges both official and unofficial news, especially for those companies whose employees work at different time zones, in different places and rarely meet face-to-face.
  • Access to the Enterprise Virtual Portal is personalized and thus provides the capability to delimit user’s access rights to information. Employees can get access to the portal from any device with connection to the Internet at any time from anywhere in the world. Unauthorized users can’t gain access to the information.
  • One of the main tasks of the Enterprise Virtual Portal is a centralized storage and management of information important to the organization. You are able to organize storage and access rights to documents that define the rules for dealing with them.
  • By means of the Enterprise Virtual Portal user can maintain databases and knowledge bases, gather information from staff, have discussions and opinion surveys, congratulate on the holidays and inform employees on interesting events.
  • Windows Azure

  • Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to build applications quickly, deploy and manage them through a global network of Microsoft data centers. You can build applications using any language, tools or any platform. You can as well integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment.
  • TechExpert offers you to use Windows Azure to host applications in the Microsoft "cloud" data centers and their "virtually" unlimited scalability as in the model of the platform as a service (PaaS).
  • Windows Azure platform also provides the ability to run applications and store data on servers located in the Microsoft data centers as in the model of infrastructure as a service (IaaS).
  • In addition, you can integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment by creating fault-tolerant hybrid model where your IT services are distributed between your data center and Windows Azure, and some operate in both for High Availability.
  • To read more about this solutions follow this link.