The TechExpert company provides the following services in the field of network solutions:

  • Design of fault-tolerant local computing and territorially distributed enterprise data transmission networks
  • Deployment of wireless networks of medium, small and large enterprises based on Cisco, HP controllers
  • Installation of firewalls and intrusion prevention systems
  • Providing advice on network equipment and technologies
  • Remote monitoring and administration of the Customer's network equipment
  • Work with incidents and recovery of the system after a failure

We work with leading vendors in the field of network equipment – Hewlett-PackardCiscoADVAAruba and others

Data transmission networks (LAN, WAN)

Design, deployment and configuration of data transmission networks based on Cisco, HP equipment based on the requirements of modern business. Special attention is paid to the issues of fault tolerance, quality of service, productivity of services in computer networks.

Network Security (Network Security)

  • Link-level security
    Prevention of link-level attacks associated with unauthorized DHCP servers, data interception by replacing the ARP cache of hosts in the broadcast domain, attacks on STP, VTP, CDP, LLDP protocols. Organization of guest access and dynamic separation of mobile employees by certain virtual private networks.
  • Perimeter security
    Installation of firewalls and intrusion prevention systems based on Cisco routers and adaptive security systems Cisco ASA, Juniper.

Converged and virtual networks

Setting up remote access to the Customer's corporate resources. Unification of the Customer's branches into a single information and communication network using VPN technology. Ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of information transmitted in data transmission channels.

Wireless networks (Wi-Fi)

Construction of wireless networks starting with networks built taking into account autonomous wireless access points and ending with complex systems taking into account control controllers and software intended for the implementation of centralized control and monitoring. Wireless networks can be designed with the possibility of centralized management and monitoring of network performance. The ability to manage hundreds of local and remote access points using a single interface. Network protection and control over its use. Secure, remote and mobile access for employees and customers to the enterprise network. Tracking the propagation of radio waves to optimize radio coverage. Tracking the location of wireless devices and clients.

Centralized management of networks (Network Management), implementation of SDN

Network management and monitoring using the HP, Cisco software package.