The goal of the project is to help marketing create a complex funnel of cross-selling, retargeting, and audience warming. In addition, it will facilitate the process of launching, creating, and analyzing email and SMS campaigns, optimize and speed up the work of email marketers, and enable Marketing and department heads to monitor and analyze all clicks (touches) of a potential customer within a single Microsoft Dynamics 365 system with the possibility of further attribution analysis.

The customer of this project can be any company that wants to improve the efficiency of the marketing department.

With the integration of CRM (Microsoft Dynamics 365) and SendPulse, you can collect an audience for newsletters (both email and sms, telegram, viber) twice as fast. In addition, you can create separate targeted audiences for point mailings, thereby increasing their effectiveness.

The solution helps the Head of Marketing and department heads to move away from the need to control every aspect of marketing in different systems/services/tabs, and move everything to one system. And collecting data in one place allows you to create appropriate dashboards for choosing the right attribution model, cutting traffic cannibalization and creating a sales funnel analysis for better marketing management in the company in the future.  It also helps simplify communication with other departments, because they will be able to get all the necessary information related to email marketing where they already work. And specialists no longer need to prepare separate reports, tables, graphs for relevant departments, so they can transfer the freed time to improving mailings and analyzing results.

Email marketers will be able to easily and quickly find the necessary audience for a mailing for a specific product with the help of a convenient search of the existing customer base, setting up sorting and filters for a more precise search.

The sales department can see what information the potential client already has and create a more unique sales script for the candidate.

Advantages of the solution

  • Customer base. A single customer base with cards of potential customers containing all the information collected on it, access to which is given to all specialists working on the sales funnel. Information about the client's touches is automatically stored in the cards. It is possible to track the stages of work with the client (contact, lead, client, etc.).

  • Targeted mailing. Automatic or manual selection of relevant leads from the existing client base with the possibility of setting search parameters. This allows you to create more complex marketing funnels based on the actions already taken by potential customers.

  • Planning. Linking one or another mailing to a campaign in CRM. It allows you to schedule and create reminders for all the sub-tasks related to the mailing: creating graphics, writing the text, agreeing with the relevant department, etc. and synchronizing these sub-tasks for the relevant employee with the corporate mail and calendar.

  • Solution. This solution allows you to automate all processes, facilitates the work of the Head of the Marketing Department and email marketers, providing them with a convenient tool that contains all the necessary functionality for work, collected in one system.


This solution allows you to automate all processes, facilitates the work of the Head of the Marketing Department and email marketers, providing them with a convenient tool that contains all the necessary functionality for work, collected in one system.

Solves the following tasks

  • Creating a single customer base for marketing communication
  • Storage of all mailings that a potential client receives
  • Tracking the process of warming up potential customers both on the part of the marketing department and all those involved in sales (sales managers, department heads, etc.)
  • Creating targeted email campaigns in messengers and sms
  • Tracking the number of touches to each potential customer and allows you to formulate the required average number of touches for a potential customer to become a customer

Benefits of implementing the solution

  • The solution automates and speeds up the entire email campaign process: selecting a targeted audience, transferring it to SendPulse, creating templates, etc.
  • Reduces the likelihood of database blocking, especially when transferring a large number of contacts for mailing at once
  • A single customer base that marketers work with contains all the necessary information and tools to achieve high performance results
  • Optimizes cooperation between all departments involved in the sales funnel, thanks to access to the system for all participants
  • The ability to create appropriate dashboards in the future to choose the right attribution model, stop traffic cannibalization and create a future sales funnel analysis (bounce rate) for better marketing management in the company

If your company is interested in an optimized mailing process and Dynamics 365 integration with SendPulse, contact our specialists and we will be happy to help you.