The goal of the project is to automate ITSM processes in an IT service company.

Applications or industries for which this solution is suitable

  • Information technologies
  • Hotel business
  • Any other service company

Tasks for the project executor

  • Improving the quality of services provided by the company
  • Increasing the manageability and measurability of the company's departments directly involved in the provision of IT services


The solution is based on the GLPI open source software.

Project result

As part of the project, a unified system for managing the company's customer requests for IT services was implemented.

The implementation of this system allowed us to solve the following key tasks

  • Organize and structure the flow of incoming requests from the company's customers
  • Improve the quality of services provided by introducing mechanisms to control the timing of processing and resolving requests
  • Implement the process of generating monthly reports on the work performed for mutual settlements
  • Implement a mechanism for promptly informing customers about the fulfillment of their requests

Screenshots of the system for managing ITSM processes and customer requests based on GLPI

More details about automation of IT departments based on GLPI, as well as about the solution SMExpert for Service Desk.