TechExpert offers you a program of courses in the key areas of IT Service Management (ITSM), based on a library of the best IT practices «IT Infrastructure Library» (ITIL).

ITIL is a generally accepted approach of IT-service management in the whole world. The proposed program meets the standards of ITIL training and allows students to prepare for the certification exams on bases of ITIL.

ITIL Courses

Code Title Length, days
ITILv.3 ITIL v.3 Fundamentals. The Principles of IT Department Organization 3
ITIL OSA1v.3 ITIL OSA v.3 Operational Support and Analysis 3
ITIL SOA1v.3 Service Offerings and Agreement: Service Level Management 3
ITIL SOA2v.3 Service Offerings and Agreement: Financial management and planning of IT services 2
ITIL RCV1v.3 Release, Control and Validation. IT-processes Practice. Configuration and Service Assets Management, Change Management, Release and Deployment Management 4
ITIL RCV2v.3 Release, Control and Validation. IT-processes Practice. Validation and Testing Management, Evaluation, Knowledge management, Service Request Fulfillment Management 2
ITIL-SOA: PPO Service Planning, Protection and Optimization 4
NT-BAforSP Business analysis and Service process design 3
NT-BPmodel Business Process Modeling 2


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