Solvable tasks

The solution is tailored to companies with the following current tasks:

  • Digital TV for your customers
  • Delivery of TV services to any location
  • TV services on mobile devices

Solution summary

TechExpert IPTV solution for hotel can be established using HP or Cisco equipment at your discretion. This solution enables integration of two and more digital TV service providers in a single enterprise network.

Infrastructure requirements

For the successful implementation of the solution at minimal costs in price and time, the infrastructure of the company should meet the following requirements:

  • Operating network with powerful core
  • Managed devices with appopriate set of protocols and functions for the solution
  • IPTV service providers (Internet provider, satellite TV)

Solution benefits for business

  • Ability to choose channels according to their price or quality provided by various service providers. As a result to draw the unified channel list for end user
  • Digital-quality TV services
  • Expenses reduction on TV
  • Usage of existing cable system to improve TV quality (construction of additional network is not required)

Solution scheme