Company is a tremendous mechanism in which employees play not the last part, if not the central one, while business success depends on their productivity and organization. Therefore efficient worker collaboration became a critical component from the point of view of time management as well as of performance improvement.

With help of communication software conducting business operations will be even easier. Not only will our Microsoft-based integrated solution provide a better level of teamwork and organizational management but also help your company increase operational control and flexibility.

Our front-office solution suite provides the simplest, most cost-effective way to organize, share and collaborate more effectively. Its improving capabilities for worker collaboration and its reliability for security is also making it an ideal platform for advanced enterprise level meeting, appointment, scheduling and communication solution.

The front-office solution suite includes the following features:

The front-office solution suite includes the following features:

  • Central storage provided for individuals and departments
  • Unified access to resources by supporting a uniform naming convention
  • Easily scalable
  • Centralized management capabilities
  • Improve workstation security
  • Foundation for the following AD related services:
    • MS Exchange
    • MS Lync
    • MS SharePoint
  • Contact management
  • Event and calendar management
  • Resource scheduling and administration
  • Task management and shared folders
  • Managed access
  • Web-based and mobile access
  • Anti-malware and anti-spam protection
  • Secure communication from any location
  • Instant messaging
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Multi-party virtual meetings
  • Transmission of presentations
  • Real-time presence information
  • Web-based and mobile access
  • Secure communication from any location

Directory service based on Windows Server

ActiveDirectory is a database which contains all domain items such as users, groups, office equipment, shared resources etc., and ensures efficient functioning of corporate networks, transparency in system policies management and interaction of applications working in the domain.

Implementing TechExpert solution using ActiveDirectory you gain a range of advantages. First of the entire company’s infrastructure, even geographically diversed, can be managed centrally. It also provides unified access to standardized resources by supporting a uniform naming convention.

The solution is easily scalable and it isn’t an issue to implement the directory service in the companies with the hundreds of thousands of PCs and users. The hierarchical domain structure enables to scale IT-infrastructure dynamically on the branches with capability to create for each of them a separate domain with its own policies, groups and users.

The TechExpert solution using ActiveDirectory is suitable for the following objectives:
  • Single entry point
  • Centralized management of policies
  • Integration with enterprise applications and equipment
  • Integration with LDAP over FFIM
  • Central storage of applications configuration
  • Scalability and fault-tolerance of ActiveDirectory
  • Recovery of deleted ActiveDirectory items
  • Simplified IT-infrastructure management
  • Improvement of workstation security

Corporate mail system based on Microsoft Exchange Server

Our solution based on Microsoft Exchange guarantees ultimate integration into the existing Microsoft infrastructure, providing secure access to mail servers from the workplace, mobile devices and through the Internet.

The solution is scalable, supporting an unlimited number of geographically diversed, servers in the same domain, and the use of clustering services along with technology Database Availability Group provides high availability and fault-tolerance of the mail system. The solution includes Forefront Security, which involves multiple scan engines of the leading security companies enabling to provide reliable protection against viruses, malware and spam.

The TechExpert solution is suitable for the following objectives:
  • Unified user environment
  • Increase in user productivity
  • Safeguarding the security of e-mails
  • High-level integration with the existing infrastructure
  • Reliable protection against viruses and spam
  • Protection against interceptions and data leakage
  • Unlimited capabilities of scalability
  • High availability and disaster recovery

Unified communication system based on Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync is a server platform for unified communications. By implementing the solution a company can manage to increase productivity of individual and team performance due to simplified communication between employees for information, e-mail checking and remote work.

The solution enables integration of Microsoft Lync with Microsoft Exchange mail platform thus integrating all means of communication, such as telephone, e-mail, instant messaging, fax, and audio and video conferencing, into one. It is built on the Microsoft Lync under Windows Server.

TechExpert offers solution suitable for the following objectives:
  • Instant messaging and fileshare between users
  • PC-to-PC, PC-to-Mobile and Mobile-to-PC calls
  • Real-time presence information
  • HD video conferencing
  • Audio conferencing over PCs and mobile devices
  • Call forwarding
  • Full or partial screen sharing during conference call
  • Multi-party audio and video conferencing
  • Interaction with the existing telephony infrastructure