More than 90% of tasks and incidents can be managed remotely, but for the rest 10% we can offer you an effective solution as on-site support. Our engineers can perform you maintenance on your network and provide desktop support to your users that will allow improving end-user productivity and accelerating the incident resolution. It allows you to get professional, informed, courteous, customer-focused IT support and in person within your offices and buildings.
The main focus of our on-site support is to support your business and operational functions and to provide necessary services to your IT infrastructure. Our goal is to provide you support appropriate for your needs and the environments in which your systems are deployed.

Service availability

On-site support is typically provided during regular work hours, 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Request for support are received through ticketing system or through direct contact with our staff and processed within the work day.

Customer responsibilities

Both counterparts designate a staff person or team to be the primary contact person(s), reffered to as the Point of Contact. It’s the best way to remain aware of the appropriate tasks and priorities. The main goal is to make sure that on-site support staff is aware of issues to be reviewed, and that the tasks are in order of priority that best satisfies your overall business goals and objectives.

Benefits of on-site support

  • Technically skilled and customer-oriented professionals with great knowledge base
  • Improvement of end-user productivity
  • Quick incident resolution
  • Awareness of up-to-date tasks and priorities through constant collaboration
  • Direct access to on-site support staff through web-based tools