In case you apply the portal based on Microsoft SharePoint in your company, then you have already experienced its numerous useful functions, such as automation of business processes, social functions, the knowledge base of companies and much more.

Many companies face the issue that the implemented portal is developed not particularly dynamical. There are plenty of possible reasons, for example the peculiarities of interaction between departments lead to difficulties in management and, as a result, whether the portal functions not exactly as wished for, or rarely used by staff.

Besides implementation of several new features it is vital to develop the portal on regular and planned basis. With this purpose we can offer you support services for a corporate portal. Our considerable experience in the development and maintenance of SharePoint-based portals as well as experts who are relevantly certified can help you increase productivity and overcome unnecessary delays in inmplementation of beneficial features.

We can be of assistance in any matter regarding your corporate portal, whether it refers to:

  • composing a convenient telephone directory,
  • automating the process of applying for a leave or a business trip,
  • changes in the portal design, or
  • just adding some beautiful red button etc.

Our experts can both assist in any improvements you require or instruct you how to do it yourself. We can guide your employees on emerging issues and also offer training on new or existing functionality. The scheme of collaboration is absolutely transparent: you pay for a certain amount of hours per month, and then dispose them as you wish. At the end of each month you get a report containing the details on the provided services and labor costs. The presentation below can give you a more complete picture of our collaboration scheme.

As our experience shows such collaboration model allows:

  • Ensure the harmonious development of the portal;
  • Identify priorities for the portal development and gradually implement the planned;
  • Due to step-by-step changes with the ability to dynamically change their priority you can always change the priority whether it is required;
  • Minimize and make predictable costs of the portal maintenance;
  • Reduce the risks regarding the operability of the portal;
  • Reduce the resolution time of issues through the effective involvement of our staff;
  • Optimize the number of professional staff to support the portal.
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We can help you with implementation of a new portal based on Microsoft SharePoint or with improvement of the existing one. As well we can offer you a hosted corporate portal.

If you want to learn more get in contact with us.