Our scope of activities as well covers maintenance services so as to ensure the accurate performance and functionality of information systems. TechExpert offers fully tailor-made services that include, but not limited to, error correction, enhancements of capabilities, and optimization. The maintenance can be provided for both solutions delivered by TechExpert and the existing ones. Our strong knowledge base and outstanding track record enables us to offer, besides the maintenance itself, user training on the functionality and on the additional or new system capabilities. By modifying your information system and assisting in adoption to a changed environment we are able to provide secure and high performance platform.

The maintenance services are concerned with activities aimed at keeping the system usable and valuable for the company. To help you achieve high performance, our service level agreements (SLAs) will address the entire maintenance cycle, including service delivery, performance management and service optimization.

For your convenience we create a maintenance board responsible for overall management and quality assurance of maintenance activities of an information system. Within our responsibility is all the maintenance activities including the preparation of maintenance plan, conducting impact analysis and implementation in response to change requests raised.

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