Hosting solutions from TechExpert can provide a fundamentally better model for driving change for both the business and IT, providing benefits from innovations and contributing to higher performance levels, leveraging the best IT has to offer – Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and the cloud. TechExpert offers not solely colocation space in a secure area or hosting of unified communications, but goes further in its initiatives of satisfying client’s needs.

We can fully provide the company with necessary applications ranging from their design and deployment to further migration, administration and information security throughout the hosting and cloud lifecycles. We can rapidly deploy and provide the necessary applications and software that are required in your working environment or business.

Mission-critical data and applications are safe with our highly available, highly secure ground of compute, storage, and fully redundant networking resources. And at the same time our backup and recovery services, application support services, security and compliance services are provided on highly professional level.

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To this end we offer several hosting outlines:

  • ERP and accounting systems. TechExpert offers cloud-based hosting of ERP and accounting systems. The service enables allocation of accounting and financial applications in secure, fault-tolerant environment. The client acquires reliable remote desktop with operating system and licensed software to which he can get access through Internet. Hosting of ERP and accounting applications ensures data reliability and confidentiality of information. The users can connect to the system from anywhere in case they have access through Internet.
  • Business intelligence. TechExpert offers business intelligence for enterprise data management on the basis of Windows Azure. This solution simplifies data detection and analysis through data sets and information services of the third parties from Windows Azure Marketplace. Moreover, the built-in tools for creating reports in Windows Azure applications based on Windows Azure SQL Reporting enables users to acquire analytical data. SQL Reporting allows to create reports with tables, charts, maps, scales and other items, as well as to deploy them in private or public clouds. With cloud there is no need in establishing and support of in-house reporting IT infrastructure. The whole cycle can be reduces form several months to a few days. The solution eliminates the need to purchase expensive servers and to lease virtual resources. We can conclude on the regular basis the agreement on server leasing only during data processing and reporting. In this case you only pay for the necessary quantity of days rather than a monthly fee for leasing of virtual machine.
  • System backup. TechExpert offers remote backup storage in the cloud. The solution enables to lease disk space for secure storage and data transfer through the remote access. There is a mechanism of incremental backup that enables to save bandwidth and space allocate in the cloud environment, as well as to restore system configurations to any previously created backup. The policies and standard means of data compression and encryption are also supported.
  • Environment for development and testing. TechExpert empowers developers and test engineers with scalable virtual datacenters. The client simply brings the existing applications, tools, and processes completely intact to our cloud environment and creates multiple development configurations in seconds, runs them in parallel, and customizes them to meet the required needs. Specific environments can be published to remote testing teams. Test engineers can scale performance and load testing capacity on-demand.
  • Reliable platform for websites. TechExpert offers enterprise infrastructure for safe disposal of sites with high availability. With this solution the client’s infrastructure always remains up-to-date with automatic update installation of the Web server and operating system. The website operability will be provided by a network of global data centers with guaranteed service level agreement and technical support.
  • Mobile access for mobile applications. TechExpert offers flexible support of mobile applications using virtual equipment, cloud or mobile services. With support of popular programming languages, such as .NET and NodeJS, built-in continuous integration and access to any API interfaces the development team can get to work in just a few minutes.
  • Media platform. TechExpert offer the cloud service of in-house data exchange and faster data backup. The solution enables flexible management of rights capacity, data search within the enterprise and beyond.

Our hosting services enables the client not only to optimize costs, ensure the reliability and safety of your business, but also to implement complex enterprise solutions and web projects without costly recurring investment, while you do not need to bother with buying the equipment, as well as replacement of its components in case of failure.