The goal of the project is to modernize and optimize the customer's server infrastructure.

The customer planned to restructure the existing server infrastructure, find an alternative to physical servers. For the customer, the following factors were important: ease of administration, the possibility of easy and quick scaling of resources, stability of work, and high-speed diagnostics. After conducting a pre-project survey, it was proposed to change the Postfix mail system to Microsoft Exchange and partially place the customer's IT services in the Business cloud by Techexpert.

Tasks for the executor of the project

  • Optimize the use of computing resources
  • Correctly adjust IT services to the needs of the company
  • Organize the migration from the Postfix mail system to Microsoft Exchange
  • Transfer part of the customer's IT services to the cloud, including database servers, 1C, SCCM, the main domain controller and mail
  • Ensure the security of data transmission between users and servers

Solution architecture

The move to the cloud happened gradually. First, some services, namely ERP systems and SCCM, were transferred to the test environment of the cloud, and after testing and adjustments, they were transferred to prod. Also, first of all, the cloud domain controller was deployed, which was initially organized as a secondary one, later the roles from the controller domain located in the local infrastructure were transferred to it, and it became the primary one. The next stage was mail migration. Virtual servers for the mailbox server and the border transport server were deployed in the cloud, the necessary rules and connections were configured, and user mailboxes were gradually created on the new server. After the new mail system was ready, one-time switching of users to the new server was performed. During the stabilization period, virtual resources were adjusted to achieve optimal performance. As a result. Part of the IT infrastructure is placed in a private cloud: the main domain controller, remote desktop server with 1C and M.E.Doc, TSG server, mail server and SCCM server. Backup of virtual servers hosted in the cloud is organized. A backup domain controller, file server, etc. remained locally in the office. A secure VPN tunnel is organized to ensure secure data transfer between the cloud and the office.

The tasks that are solved, the benefits of the solution that the business receives

  • Maximum performance for "reasonable" money
  • Easy-to-administer, easily scalable, fault-tolerant IT infrastructure
  • Secure data transfer between users and servers
  • Multifunctional corporate mail system
  • Professional technical support with SLA compliance