The goal of the project is to optimize and facilitate work with documents for both sales managers, accountants and lawyers, to provide an opportunity to send and control the receipt of electronic documents within the framework of one Microsoft SharePoint system (server or online), thus saving time and money.

The customer of this project can be any company, because the work of any company does not do without document management, and especially a large company, where there are suppliers, customers, and partners.

In order to move away from the paper routine, from the constant disputes of the accounting department and managers over the control of receipt of originals, to maintain high quality of service and speed up the delivery of documents, it is necessary to optimize your business processes from the creation of the document to the moment of receiving its original.

This solution allows you to exchange documents in electronic form and free your desktop from the "mountain" documentation.

Every company has faced the fact that the contract it sends to its counterparty for approval was not promptly signed by him and sent back. Accordingly, the company was unable to start the process of work and receiving funds under this contract to its accounts on time. Or when the invoices were not paid on time due to the fact that the manager sent them late, they got lost somewhere in the mail or were already with the customer and did not reach his accounting department for payment. Therefore, a huge advantage of this system integration solution is that important contracts will be signed on time and efficiently, customers will receive their invoices for payment, and suppliers will, accordingly, receive funds on invoices from customers sooner.

Therefore integration of Microsoft SharePoint with electronic document management services "Vchasno" and "M.E.Doc" – it is not just sending electronic documents on the SharePoint side, but also a convenient tool for sales managers that makes it easier for them to work with documents and accelerate the interaction within the company with accounting and lawyers. The solution ensures the process of approving this document before sending it to the counterparty, starting with the creation of a new counterparty in the system and agreement of the contract and until receiving payment on the invoice and already signed closing documents. All this quickly and without losing any document.

Application areas or industries for this solution

  • IT service provider
  • Trade, e-commerce
  • Tourist sphere
  • Any company with a large customer base and a wide range of services

Tasks for the project manager

  • Saving information on the Microsoft SharePoint side about work with counterparties using electronic document flow with indication of the system, start date and recipient of electronic documents
  • Formation of documents in .pdf format on the Microsoft SharePoint side for sending to the client through the Vchasno or M.E.Doc service, depending on the system with which the counterparties work, you can choose the right one
  • Receipt of documents from the counterparty and their approval within the company
  • Signing documents with an electronic digital signature (EDS)
  • Track the status of the document and receive comments from the counterparty
  • Maintaining a register of electronic documents with information about the signatures applied and the files with electronic digital signatures in the .p7s format


  • The integration functionality is implemented using the standard extended functionality of Microsoft SharePoint, which was developed additionally using the API of the Vchasno electronic document management service and ARI.PTAH for M.E.Doc
  • The source of information for generating documents in .pdf format and the terms of electronic document flow with counterparties is Microsoft SharePoint, in which business processes for approving counterparties and contracts and documents with them are set up
  • The source of information on the status of the sent document, comments and signatures attached to the electronic document is the Vchasno electronic document management service and the ARI.Ptakh service.
  • Clients receive documents through the Vchasno web application and the M.E.Doc application, depending on which system the counterparty uses


The integration of Microsoft SharePoint with the electronic document management service «Vchasno» or M.E.Doc – is an ideal solution for business users who want to organize their document flow quickly and economically (no costs for courier, paper and printing of documents), because it offers a set of necessary features for sales managers, management, lawyers and accountants.

Solves the following tasks

  • Sales management from entering the counterparty into the system to receiving signed closing documents from it
  • Creation of documents and their approval within the company using business processes of electronic document management based on Microsoft SharePoint (separate TECH.DOC solution from TechExpert)
  • Generate documents on the Microsoft SharePoint side in .pdf format
  • Apply an electronic signature to documents and send them to Vchasno or M.E.Doc and synchronize them
  • Receiving incoming documents, approving them within the company, applying an electronic signature and sending them to the counterparty or rejecting documents in the Vchasno or M.E.Doc service
  • Receive document statuses, comments, and signatures, receive original documents and their PDF visualization in Microsoft SharePoint
  • Track and read any changes to documents in the system, including statuses, signatures and comments
  • Formation of a register of electronic documents and signatures

Benefits of implementing the solution

  • Integration of Microsoft SharePoint (server or online) with Vchasno and/or M.E.Doc electronic document management services has simplified the interaction of the sales manager with accounting and lawyers within the company and with the contractor for document exchange
  • The solution accelerates interaction with the client in the sales process - sales management from entering the counterparty into the system to receiving payment on the invoice and closing documents
  • The work with the document management system has also been simplified, from now on there is no need to manually download documents to send to counterparties, but you can send them directly from Microsoft SharePoint, having previously applied an electronic signature to the document, after which the sending will be automatic
  • Incoming documents are also automatically uploaded to the system for approval within the company and the imposition of an electronic signature or rejection of documents and sending the result of approval to the counterparty in Vchasno or M.E.Doc
  • A single corporate database for managers to work with that contains all the information they need to achieve high performance results
  • A convenient tool for quickly sending documents to counterparties in order to speed up the receipt of originals and payment for them and, of course, track the status of closing documents
  • Speed and saving of resources, namely time for working with documents and accompanying costs (printing, paper, courier work, etc.)