The goal of the project is that the Dynamics Telephony connector combines ANY phone system and Dynamics 365 in one user interface.

The application combines telephony with Dynamics 365, providing unique integrated Dynamics 365 features that offer increased control over business communications and unlimited scalability
  • Built-in call management tools in Microsoft Dynamics 365 that unify the desktop for sales and service employees
  • Simplify the workflow of your sales and service team by reducing the number of clicks, screens, and searches to increase efficiency
  • Display relevant customer information at the moment of interaction for employees during each call
  • Saving call statistics, call distribution, automatic follow-up in Dynamics 365
  • Automatically create a link to call records in Dynamics 365 for easy access or connection to Microsoft Call Intelligence
Tasks performed by the Dynamics Telephony connector
  • Automatic search for a customer (company, contact, lead) in Dynamics 365 as a pop-up window before answering an incoming call
  • Create a new lead if the phone number was not found in the system
  • Ability to select a specific record in case of multiple matches with a given phone number
  • Call controls built into Dynamics 365 (answer, hold, transfer, end, etc.)
  • Call a contact directly from Dynamics 365 with one click
  • Full interaction history registered in Dynamics 365
  • Call result buttons automatically schedule the following actions (launch automated workflows)
  • All statistics are available in Dynamics 365 dashboards and reports
4 main advantages of the connector for effective sales and customer service in Dynamics 365
  • Time saving – automatic search before answering the call saves the employee's time during each call. 
  • Personalized service – have shorter and more concise conversations, providing a personalized customer experience. 
  • Unified user interface – having the right information at hand speeds up call processing time. 
  • Improved customer service – instant access to call history directly from Dynamics 365 reduces the need for an employee to switch between multiple applications to access key functions in their work. 
The benefits of implementing the solution will be tangible for the entire company

For users

  • Unified user interface for telephony and Dynamics 365
  • Save time on every call
  • Less time spent manually filling in information in Dynamics 365 means more time for support or sales

For management

  • Complete telephony data in Dynamics 365 for analytics
  • Save time on each incoming and outgoing call

For IT specialists

  • IT professionals will enjoy centralized administration and easy installation options
  • Quick deployment with a remote online session
  • Comprehensive support offerings, including through local Microsoft premium partners
  • Risk-free free trial period

In order to integrate your company's telephone system with Microsoft Dynamics 365, contact our specialists and we will be happy to help you.