The goal of the project is to automate the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) process as part of business continuity management.

Tasks for the project executor

  • Reduced time spent on BIA and BCP testing
  • Optimization of the critical asset valuation process
  • Development of functionality for building consolidated reports based on BIA results


The solution is implemented on the basis of GLPI open source software.

Project result

Prior to the implementation of the system, the workload of the BCP manager for the preparation and processing of information during the BIA was 60% of the total working time. As part of the project, a system was implemented which:

  • Automatically generates questionnaires for process owners to assess the criticality of bank assets
  • Allows you to control the timely completion of questionnaires
  • Allows you to quickly generate a consolidated report with information on the results of the BIA
  • Allows you to quickly identify critical assets (processes and systems) of the bank

Additionally, based on the BIA results, the system automatically creates questionnaires for assessing critical assets for BCP compliance (BCP testing).

Screenshots of the BIA management system

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