The goal of the project is to facilitate the process of hiring employees by the HR department, optimize and accelerate the work of HR managers, and provide an opportunity to control the entire process from recruitment to hiring candidates within a single Microsoft Dynamics 365 system.

The customer of this project can be any company that wants to improve the efficiency of recruiting.

With the recruiting system, you can close vacancies twice as fast and focus on the selection of professionals.

The solution helps to get away from the routine associated with the recruiting process, from spending time and effort on searching for candidates, information from hundreds of folders and tables, on scheduling interviews and communicating with candidates, as well as on communication with other departments.

The solution provides HR managers with quick access to information (resume, contacts, candidate cards) available in one place – personnel reserve base. Managers will be able to easily and quickly find job candidates using a convenient search on the existing candidate database, setting up sorting and filters for a more accurate search, as well as including the function of showing the percentage of compliance with the specified parameters, which will show how many percent of the candidate is suitable for the open vacancy.

All recruiting participants will be able to monitor the process of hiring candidates, the interaction between departments is also simplified, because all participants have access to information in the system, and can monitor the status and stages of communication for each candidate.

Advantages of the solution

• Personnel reserve

A single personnel reserve database with candidate cards containing all information from the candidates' resumes, access to which is provided to all recruiting participants. The cards store information on communication with the candidate, as well as comments, notes or reviews of the recruiter and hiring manager. It is possible to track the stages of work with the candidate (interview, recommended for consideration, test task, offer, etc.).

• Selection of candidates

Automatic or manual selection of relevant candidates from the existing personnel reserve database with the possibility of setting search parameters. Display of the candidate's percentage of compliance with the requirements specified in the vacancy.

• Communication with candidates

Feedback with candidates through automatic correspondence: creating templates for correspondence, with the ability to edit and attach files with an offer, a test task and the necessary documentation.

• Job-portals

Integration of the solution with job search sites, job portals for automatic placement of vacancies is provided.

• Planning

Scheduling interviews, interviews, meetings with the company's management in the system and its synchronization with the corporate mail and calendar.


This solution allows you to automate all HR processes, facilitates the work of HR managers, providing them with a convenient tool that contains all the necessary functionality for work, collected in one system.

Solves the following tasks

  • Creation of a unified talent pool database
  • Work with candidates from creating a vacancy to hiring
  • Tracking the process of working with candidates both on the part of the HR department and on the part of all those involved in hiring (hiring managers, department heads, etc.)
  • Automate communication with candidates by sending automated emails

Benefits of implementing the solution

  • The solution automates and speeds up the entire recruiting process - working with candidates from creating a vacancy to closing a position
  • A single database of the talent pool that managers work with contains all the necessary information and tools to achieve high performance results
  • Optimized cooperation between all departments involved in the hiring process due to access to the system for all recruitment participants
  • Simplify communication with candidates by sending template emails with an interview invitation, test task, or offer directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 with just one click

If your company is interested in an optimized recruiting process on Dynamics 365, contact our specialists and we will be happy to help you.