We offer a variety of options for learning. First of all, you can sign up for the available author's or authorized courses. Also we can develop or adapt the course to your specific needs and schedule it in our or your classroom. In addition, individual training are available and a special format of field courses with organized rest between sessions.

Delivery Methods

Method 1: Our Classroom

Our expert instructors, premium content and relevant hands-on labs provide excellent face-to-face training environment. In our training center you’ll find atmosphere rather comfortable and ready-to-learn, while you can receive expert instruction, interact with peers and gain some skills from real-world practice. As soon as you or your team members return to work you can apply knowledge and practical skills you gained.

So whether you’re an attendee looking to advance your career or start a new one, or a manager looking to benefit from new technology, you can find a course suitable for you.


  • Train in a comfortable, ready-to-learn environment
  • Get standardized course materials and reference books
  • Interact face-to-face with peers and expert instructors
  • Study results-oriented course content
  • Use cutting-edge equipment
  • Get relevant hands-on exercises
Method 2: On-site Training

On-site training is a flexible, cost-effective delivery method that allows you to train as many or as few employees as you need when and where you want. Whether at your company’s site or elsewhere your team will receive expert instruction and curriculum tailored to suit your specific needs.

To your facility we can slightly modify or completely customize any of our IT and management courses for your learning needs. They’re designed to meet your most important goals and produce immediate, measurable results. It is especially cost-effective and convenient for large groups, providing relative training while eliminating travel costs and keeping employees on the job and projects moving.


  • No extra time and money expenses with increased efficiency
  • Convenience and privacy
  • Real-world training and solutions customized for your business
  • Flexible course scheduling
  • Tailored curriculum
  • Significantly reduced costs due to training of large or small groups of employees
  • Relevant hands-on exercises and course materials
Method 3: Virtual Classroom

Regardless of your location you can get the high-quality instructor-led training online over the Internet. By combining superior online delivery technologies and our experienced instructors, content, and hands-on labs practice.

Gain the skills you need and benefit from real-time learning from and interaction with a live expert instructor with this flexible and cost-saving delivery method. Topics are explained in detail as well as during the physical classroom course, while study and training plans are personalized for you as you progress through the course.


  • No extra time and money expenses
  • Get live access to hands-on labs and exercises to build skills
  • Learn from industry-leading instructors, premium content and real-world practice
  • Make use of the best products and technologies
  • Train in the convenient environment of your home, office or elsewhere with the access to Internet
Method 4: Instructor Outstaffing and Face-to-Face Education

In case you have all necessary course material, hands-on labs, training environment and need an experienced highly skilled person to mentor your employees or your customers we can offer you our industry-leading instructors. Our training staff teaches not only best practices, industry trends and cutting-edge solutions, but also shares their practical knowledge of the today's newest technologies and skills.


  • If you have a classroom, equipment and access to all necessary course material, you pay only for our instructor
  • We offer highly qualified instructors that satisfy all vendors’ requirements
  • With this delivery method you can get any of our authorized IT and management courses
  • Price is fixed and doesn’t depend on the quantity of attendees or place where the course is provided