The goal of the project is to automate the asset lifecycle management process for the company's IT department.

Customer – a large Ukrainian IT company operating in the capital, several regional centers and having foreign offices. Computer equipment and licensed software are actively used in the work, services are provided for the deployment and implementation of IT infrastructure elements, maintenance and technical support of intra-corporate solutions is provided. In order to ensure high-quality provision of corporate IT services, the company implements a complex system of automating the management of IT assets (software and hardware). The system should:

  • Ensure the collection and processing of user requests
  • Simplify the acquisition of new IT assets
  • Track the cycle of their use
  • Generate reports

Applications or industries for which this solution is suitable

  • IT companies
  • Training centers
  • Any large company that needs to control IT assets (licenses, software, etc.)

Tasks for the project executor

  • Automate the system for registering and processing user requests for the purchase and provision of equipment
  • Create a single centralized database with detailed information about all the company's IT assets and their status
  • Automate the system of transferring invoices for the purchase of new IT assets
  • Create a system for generating consolidated reports on the acquisition and movement of IT assets within the company


The solution for automation of IT asset life cycle management processes is built on the basis of GLPI system, which is integrated into corporate information systems and is responsible for the centralized management of IT assets of a large company with a territorially distributed structure.

The solution uses the following information systems of the company to work:

  • Service Desk system for registering user requests for receiving and purchasing equipment
  • GLPI manager for asset lifecycle management
  • Accounting and accounting systems for transferring information on payment of invoices for the purchase of equipment
  • A single corporate database for reference data


GLPI system is important element of the decision. It is a multilingual and multi-platform application for managing the organization's IT infrastructure, equipment inventory and handling incidents, which is distributed under the GNU GPL version 2 license. It solves the following tasks:

  • Budgeting for company divisions to acquire new IT assets
  • Distribution of IT assets among the company's divisions
  • Formation of orders for new equipment
  • Formation of invoices for the purchase of new IT assets
  • Tracking inventory and equipment balances

Within the framework of the solution, the GLPI manager is integrated with the following systems:

  • A system for registering Service Desk user requests for automatic transfer of orders for the purchase and issuance of equipment
  • Accounting system for automatic transfer of invoices for payment
  • With a single corporate database for automated filling and maintenance of the main GLPI guides up to date

In addition, GLPI sends notifications about important events in the life cycles of IT assets, and also allows reporting on the use of budgets, supplies and equipment usage history.

Benefits of implementing the solution

  • The solution for automating IT asset lifecycle management processes has simplified the interaction between the IT department and company employees in obtaining equipment and providing corporate IT services
  • The budgeting process is centralized, simple and transparent
  • The work of accounting departments has also been simplified, as they now pay many invoices for the purchase of new IT assets in an automated manner on a daily basis
  • The company's unified corporate database is automatically filled with information about equipment and kept up to date, and the full life cycle of any IT asset can be tracked at every location of the company's presence