In case if your company has acquired Software Assurance for Microsoft products – Our Training Centre invites you to take the opportunity to attend a FREE course in our Educational Centre!

Software Assurance is a comprehensive Volume Licensing program and is purchased when you buy or renew a Volume Licensing agreement. It is included with some agreements and is an optional purchase with others.

Your company receives a number of training days based on the amount of qualifying Microsoft Office and/or Windows software licenses covered with Software Assurance. Training voucher eligibility depends on having a minimum number of licenses covered by Software Assurance. This number varies by licensing program. For more details on Software Assurance Training Voucher entitlement, refer to the Microsoft Product List for Volume Licensing.


Software Assurance training vouchers provide in-depth technical classroom training for IT professionals and developers and demonstration sessions for larger groups of end users. Developed by Microsoft experts and taught by Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) with a Microsoft Learning Partner, training vouchers help your IT staff deploy, manage, support new software and stay current with technology, and help enable productivity gains and adoption for end users — without impacting your budget.

To attend the training it is necessary to use special vouchers (Training Vouchers), which give the opportunity to study for free. Each voucher entitles you to the certain number of days of training, which depends on the number of Software Assurance licenses.

Training can be held on any Microsoft products, regardless of that on what type of the products were purchased a Software Assurance license!

How to pass the training with Software Assurance vouchers?

In order to get the most suitable training for you, it is necessary to schedule in optimal way the  order of passages and dates of the courses. We recommend you to follow the next procedure:


  1. It is necessary to go to the Microsoft Web site (Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC)) and  check the available number of training days with Software Assurance vouchers.
  2. After that go to the Training Centre Web site and apply for the training.
  3. It is necessary to go to the Microsoft Web site and activate the necessary number of vouchers according to the duration of the course chosen by you. As a result of this step should be activated vouchers.
  4. The obtained vouchers must be sent to the Training Centre to the following contacts +380 (44) 390-73-35, edu@techexpert.ua or Skype (ec.nt.ua).
  5. The most interesting step is to pass the ordered training from the best instructors of Ukraine on Microsoft products and technologies!


Service planning for implementation in the framework of Microsoft Software Assurance (xDPS)

Deployment Planning Services is Software Assurance benefits  for Microsoft customers. Due to xDPS implementation, customers can increase the efficiency of their infrastructure. This service is free, and is presented as a benefits of the Software Assurance program. Customers receive Microsoft vouchers, which can be used as a pay for the development and providing a deployment plan services at TechExpert company.


TechExpert provides consultations on the implementation of the following groups of products: desktop operating systems and applications, SharePoint Server, Exchange Server and Lync Server, as well as the System Center products (including the introduction of a Private Cloud). Certified specialists of the company TechExpert will help your company in the planning and preparation of the successful deployment of new software. Implementation planning is carried out in the form of consultations with our specialists, who, together with you, will develop a comprehensive deployment plan that combines analysis, feasibility study, description of the processes and technical procedures of the software installation. The number of free service days is determined by the terms of the Software Assurance agreement.

  • Lync and Exchange Deployment Planning Services (L&EDPS)
  • SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS)
  • Desktop Deployment Planning Services (DDPS)
  • Private Cloud, Management, and Virtualization Deployment Planning Services (PVDPS)

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