In the framework of customer support TexhExpert provides:
  • Server Support (delivery, setup, software installation)
  • Workstation Support (supply, software installation, diagnostics and troubleshooting), office equipment (printers, scanners)
  • Support for IP-telephony (supply, configuration and maintenance of software, direct services for the transmission of voice and data, as well as the construction of call-centers) and other services



IT-services on a contract that include all support terms and conditions.
  • The challenge facing the customer is support of complex or individual infrastructure elements.
  • Signing of Service-Level Agreement (SLA) between the customer and TechExpert.
  • Determining the cost of a monthly support under SLA.
  • Monthly payments with the ability to adjust the level and cost of services.
  • Response to customer requests as quickly as possible.
Service implies involvement of TechExpert staff in a particular project.
  • Customer hires a free-lance employee, functionally the specialist will perform his duties at the company.
  • Work carried out on the customer's site for a sufficiently long (lasting usually from 1 to 3 months) period.
  • TechExpert staff follows the internal regulations of Customeräs company.
  • Complete confidentiality.

Pre-paid service

Incident service

Effect payment for the specific time of IT-specialist's involvement.
  • The Customer and the Contractor conlude a contract for a specific time and fixed rates for this time.
  • After this period of time the Customer pays the subsequent invoice for the fixed cost.
  • The limit can be used for a long time (for a week, month, a year) to solve one's tasks.
  • The cost of services depends on their delivery period and qualification of the IT-specialist.
  • Services are provided in compliance with set of services specified in a contract.
Involvement of IT-specialists to solve a specific issue encountered by the Customer.
  • Services provided without a contract.
  • On the basis of incident service IT-specialists are involved on the hourly rates.
  • Service is provided in compliance with the previously described requirements.