The goal of the project is to create a new IT infrastructure with reliable and continuous operation of network services.

A software development company is creating a new IT infrastructure. A prerequisite for the client was reliable and continuous operation of network services, the unification of the wired and wireless network segments and the ability to manage user credentials from a single center are very important. A solution based on Aruba Networks equipment was developed and offered. This is a subsidiary of the international company Hewlett Packard Enterprise. HPE works successfully in the international IT market and specializes in the design and production of telecommunications equipment, servers and enterprise-class data storage systems.

Tasks for the project manager

The choice of solution architecture is based on the following requirements of the customer:

  • High performance of the corporate data transmission network
  • High level of information security of users
  • Reliability and round-the-clock availability of network services
  • Convenience and ease of administration and operation
  • Unification of management of wired and wireless segments
  • The possibility of safe and convenient work for remote employees
  • Using different devices to access corporate network services, including those owned by users personally and not by the company


Architecture. The core of the corporate network is the Aruba 5406R zl2 switch. It provides connectivity between corporate network components, as well as high reliability and performance. The device has high scalability and provides opportunities for further expansion of the company's IT infrastructure. This modular architecture switch allows you to flexibly select the required number and type of ports. The leading segment for users is organized with access layer switches Aruba 2930F 48G 4SFP and Aruba 2930F 24G 4SFP. Performance optimization is achieved thanks to support for stacking technology. Extensive opportunities for integration with Aruba ClearPass and Aruba AirWave systems are provided. The administrative segment of the corporate network is organized on the basis of Aruba 2930F 24G PoE + 4SFP switches. Aruba AP-515 wireless access points, IP cameras and access control system devices are connected to the switches of the administrative network segment, which centrally receive power from the switches using PoE. The selection of switches was made taking into account the possible scaling and connection of other devices, for example, IP phones, elements of the "smart home" system; or IoT devices. The elements of the wireless network segment are the Aruba 7030 hardware controller, the Aruba Virtual Mobility Master management controller, and wireless access points. Aruba 7030 supports Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) technology, which ensures maximum wireless network performance. The Aruba 7030 supports up to 64 managed wireless access points, to which 4096 users can join simultaneously. Placement of points is carried out after preliminary radio planning to ensure optimal spread of the radio signal, continuity of work and good communication stability. The network perimeter is protected by the Fortigate 200E firewall, which protects the corporate network from hacker attacks, unauthorized access to the company's information resources, as well as from malicious and spyware. Fortigate 200E provides secure access to the Internet for users and network infrastructure components.

Management and monitoring. Management and monitoring of networks based on Aruba Networks equipment is carried out using software tools Aruba ClearPass, Aruba AirWave, The Analytics and Location Engine. Aruba ClearPass provides simple and efficient management of a corporate network that combines wired and wireless segments. Aruba ClearPass allows you to easily organize secure user access to the corporate network, including from users' own devices, to provide guest wireless access to corporate IT services. ClearPass capabilities significantly simplify network infrastructure management. The Aruba AirWave management software platform actively monitors the operation and performance of network equipment, as well as client devices connected to the corporate network. Analytics and Location Engine (ALE) is used to collect and process information about network customers. In particular, this service has a mechanism for determining the location of wireless devices.

Scheme of the solution

Benefits of implementing the solution

  • A reliable, secure, high-performance, easy-to-manage corporate data transmission network based on Aruba Networks equipment has been created
  • Such a network works around the clock and is characterized by high technical performance indicators
  • The main advantages of the implemented network infrastructure are the unification of the wired and wireless network segments, centralized management of user credentials and security policies