The goal of the project is to automate the process of agreeing contracts and counterparties.

Fields of application or industries for which this solution is suitable

  • Any company with a large base of customers / suppliers / distributors

Tasks for the executor of the project

  • Increasing the efficiency of allocating the working time of the company's employees in the process of preparing and negotiating contracts
  • Reduction of costs associated with storage, search and processing of paper versions of documents
  • Increasing the transparency of the contract negotiation process


The solution is implemented on the basis of Microsoft SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server.

The result of the project

A single system has been created for the initiation and coordination of contracts and counterparties. The system allows:

  • Configure negotiation routes depending on the conditions (type of contract, amount of the contract, etc.)
  • Conduct discussions during the negotiation process
  • Control the process of coordination at each stage
  • Inform responsible employees in case of violation of regulations regarding terms
  • Form a final approval letter

All the information that was added during the negotiation is stored in the contract card throughout the entire life cycle of the contract, and is also available in the contract archive.

Searching for documents in the archive is possible not only by the key parameters of the contract, but also by the text of the document itself, which ensures the most prompt access to the necessary documents.

Basic reporting on key process metrics is also provided.

Screenshots of the system for coordinating contracts and counterparties on SharePoint