The goal of the project is to optimize the processes of coordinating applications and managing travel budgets.

Fields of application or industries for which this solution is suitable

  • Any large company with the need for frequent business trips

Tasks for the executor of the project

  • Reduce travel expenses
  • Systematize work on reconciliation of travel expenses
  • Increase the transparency of accounting and reporting in the direction of business trips


The solution is implemented on the basis of Microsoft SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server.

Screenshots of the system for coordinating applications and managing travel budgets

The result of the project

  • A centralized repository of information from all business trips has been created
  • Automated processes for submitting applications for business trips, their coordination and organizational support (purchase of tickets, hotel reservations, etc.)
  • The function of keeping budgets for business trips for each department, the function of debiting funds from the budget and monitoring the use of the budget has been implemented
  • Reports on the spending of funds on business trips in various sections have been prepared

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