a. Our system engineers and administrators are experts in their specialized areas and have the necessary knowledge in related products and technologies.
b. The teamwork will allow to solve effective and quickly both project tasks and tasks within the framework of the project on support and maintenance.
c. All our specialists continually retrain at authorized trainings giving the opportunity to master new technologies as fast as possible.
a. Our network engineers and administrators specialize in building, maintenance and optimization of the network infrastructure.
b. Their expertise covers the building of the network core and the unified communications system as well as the network security.
c. The key vendors of the network infrastructure are Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems. Nevertheless, in our projects we widely use the Open Source solutions, such as Linux, FeeeBSD, Asterisk etc.
a. The specialists in all main products and technologies will help to find the most optimal solution for the client.
b. According to our complex analysis of your infrastructure and to your business needs our architects will offer several variants of implementation.
c. Due to wide experience of solution implementation in heterogeneous allocated environments we can take account of the great variety of risks and subtleties.
d. The knowledge and skills are confirmed by the competencies of the world’s leading vendors.
a. For all customers our experts provide support and maintenance of the highest quality according to concluded SLA.
b. Our 1st line support experts provide the qualified assistance and solve more than 50% of incidents due to the their experience and extensive knowledge base.
c. Our managers are constantly monitoring the quality of support services, all of the major indicators and the level of satisfaction with our service.
d. Teamwork of the 1st line support and of our engineers and administrators allows to solve most of the incidents in the shortest terms and the most effective way.
a. Our project managers are experienced professionals who have implemented dozens of projects on building, optimization and migration of infrastructure.
b. Under their guidance the project team not only fulfills high-tech projects but also the most appropriate to the client’s requirements.
c. Our managers work as efficiently as possible in the limited time, the changing requirements and available resources.
d. Excellent communication skills allow them to solve all emergent misunderstandings and prevent conflicts.
a. Our training team is the driving force of our company, as they always aware of the latest products and technologies.
b. Due to the great experience dating from 1997 our training center delivers good trainings.
c. Our trainers are actively involved in our projects, so they give more than necessary minimum of knowledge from textbooks, but always share practical experiences, give advice and recommendations.
d. Our trainers effectively teach not only IT professionals (managers, engineers, developers), but also the IT users, project managers and IT executives.