Who we are

TechExpert is business-process integrator and provider of integrated IT services with 19-year experience. Our portfolio includes a great number of successful integrated IT-projects ranging from software and hardware supply through to consulting and further implementation of IT and business-processes automation. In long-lasting collaboration with our clients we define, design and deliver IT solutions that fully meet the industry-specific requirements. Furthermore, TechExpert provides professional support and maintenance of deployed and existing IT products and solutions. And in order for you to benefit significantly we offer the most relevant and intuitive computer courses with the assistance of our industry-leading & highly-qualified instructors.

Our solutions are tailored to companies of different scalability, whether it’s small- and middle-sized companies, or large enterprises. TexhExpert´s comprehensive solutions enhance agility through quicker response to customers, improved collaboration within employees and the ability to work with multiple partners. Due to understanding client’s needs and our business-process knowledge, we develop the most cost and functionally suitable solutions and business-critical IT services that will be of great help in achieving strategic objectives of your company.

Such close collaboration enables us to build long-lasting partnerships with our clients based on trust and mutual understanding. As a reliable business partner TechExpert enhances business relations with the majority of its clients. A lot of our clients prefer to continue working with us and enjoying such services as support, maintenance and development of both individual tasks and complex infrastructure. Our experienced engineers and continuous staff training allow us to provide high-quality service consistent with the best world practices and using the latest advanced technology. Over these years, our specialists have successfully implemented a number of projects in various fields – construction, optimization and modernization of infrastructure, implementation of software products, the migration to new platforms and more.

TechExpert’s agility to enhance initiatives in relationships with the leading vendors, such as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Check Point, and others, has made it their trusted partner. As a long-lasting partner our company has acquired the wide scope of technology expertise in order to deliver reliable solutions which integrate infrastructure and business-process automation together. TechExpert has significant expertise accumulated over these 18 years of specialized work with all kinds of enterprises, including leading Ukrainian and world companies or public institutions.

Our long-term strategy lies within improvement of our client’s business performance by improving the efficiency of their information systems. Combining exceptional experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business processes, guiding by the world’s most successful practices, TechExpert collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses.

Our Approach

Smooth integration becomes vitally important and there's a demand for flexible IT structures that can be scaled rapidly according to the needs of the growing business.

In the recent years it became widely thought that good business depends on strong relationships. One can say that such collaboration is absolutely essential to the development of your business. We’ve made a habit of finding custom approach and forging long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

Among these benefits it is recognized that it helps us to gain deeper understanding of you business priorities and objectives, in turn, resulting in IT solution which will fulfill the business’s needs completely. It also makes the working more efficient and productive. Sharing the vision and strategy of your business we become a part of your company and it helps to acquire greater reassurance of the successful project implementation.